Cristian Prandea
[B. 46.07268253571304, 25.59258588866588]

Attracted to the myth of Creator and Creation

Eagerly searching for new ways of expression / testing every facet of the various emotions that can be found throughout the work. An obsessive curiosity somehow tried to extend itself in as many spatiotemporal directions as possible, manifesting a distortion of reality with a possible consequence > creating a map of the unseen.

Drawn towards the mechanisms of languages, creation extended to proprietary  cryptographic writings in wire, an approach that would later coalesce with explorations in the visual world through various characters as auxiliaries of textual conception and letters devoid of their linguistic meaning tried to proxy themselves as images.

Delighted by the idea of creating in a living context that is constantly changing, from what He felt, he had always been from the beginning street art, a space in which one found a multitude of procedures through which a collaborative visual conversation can be created and maintained.

Interested in art purely in its sequential form, he created various experimental comics, trying to bring new points of view through forward thinking visual narratives and trying to predict the manifestation of momentary real space.

A large part of this visual research deals with the creation of new visual entities, which try to express dimensions of human thought and contemporary states that tend to be an abstraction of the external world.

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Cristian Prandea